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An NFT is a digital collectible. Like a valuable baseball card, it’s one of a limited set (or the only one in existence)!

It take many forms: a fine art image, a video, music, an item you might use in a computer game

It’s not just a digital file – it lives on a blockchain, and therefore is TRULY OWNABLE and tradeable. This is what makes NFTs special.

But wait – there’s more! NFTs are just getting started. There are dynamic NFTs that react to the outside world, NFTs you can stake to earn rewards, NFTs you can use like a savings account. And of course NFTs you can build and breed – from Formula One race cars to really cute apes.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start at the beginning…


Online. Engaging, friendly format suitable for beginners (and all levels are welcome.) Each section will be followed by Q&A. The session will wind up with a brainstorming session and there will be time for networking with other participants too.


We'll start with the basics so when you say you own an NFT, you'll know why that is actually true. We avoid deep rabbit holes but talk about crypto (``magic internet money``) pioneered technologies that allow for NFTs - magic internet art! We may see a unicorn or two along the way. Then - we'll talk about how to ``mint`` (create) your own NFTs and what you need to do so. To inspire you, we take a journey through interesting NFT projects and technologies that enable them at the intersection of decentralized finance and NFTs. We'll look at some game economies based on NFTs. And this is where we may see some unicorns. And apes. Finally, a brainstorming and networking session!


Well, you, obviously. Great for beginners! If you are more knowledgeable about crypto and NFTs, there will be some review but you are definitely invited. This technology is changing all the time - so this is a good way to see some of the latest projects and platforms.


Signup instructions coming soon!

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